Sunday, August 21, 2011

God-Given Traits

This is a journal entry from June 16th. A friend shared an exercise with me that they heard at a youth rally. He asked me to read Psalm 139, pray over it, reread Psalm 139, and then spend some time listing things that I am good at. They then told me that these are the traits that God has put on my mind that he wants me to use right now. This is my list and reflections.

Things I'm good at God has given me
Interest in others

These are the strengths that God has given me for me to use for Him. How can I use them right now? I've been told often that I'm a good example or inspiring or help people think about things, grow. I can use them in my position now, I already do, but most of my coworkers are already Christians. I believe my work makes an impact but I could do more. I could serve the needy, I could advance the Kingdom. I have been given what it takes. Is it wrong not to use them?

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