Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I have a ticket.  A real, live, no-turning-back-now ticket.  I will be leaving the morning of Monday, November 28 and arriving in Tokyo the next afternoon.  I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!  Booking my flight was so surreal.. I have planned to go for so long, thought about it, worked towards it, but now..  Now it's REAL.  I have a flight number!  Whoa!!!

To get to this point, I had to worry about a criminal record that doesn't exist, the US postal service (the least helpful service thus far), and the Chicago Consulate of Japan.  It's been an eventful and frustrating past few days, but it has all come together and I HAVE A TICKET!!!!

I was also contacted about my apartment and given the choice of two - a Teeny apartment, and a Really Teeny apartment.  The the one a chose was no longer available, so I was offered a Really Small apartment instead.  I believe I will officially be living in the Really Small apartment.  Luckily, my employer will buy me a Japanese futon (mat bed) (with my money) so I'll have a place to sleep when I get there!  How thoughtful.  More on the apartment and other details later.  All that matters now is


Monday, November 14, 2011

It's Here!!!!

Here it is!!!  This is the little stinker that took months on end, and its finally in my hand!!!  It won't be in my hand long though, because tomorrow morning it'll be sent off to Chicago!  The immigration office in Chicago will take about four days to issue my visa, and then mail it back to me.  After it comes in the mail, I will (FINALLY) be able to purchase my ticket.  I'm still planning on leaving November 29th, which is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.  Keep your fingers crossed and prayers said that this government office will process things more smoothly than the last one!  I'll let you know when I have more information.  Thanks for the prayers!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Finally, Good News!

Aug 10:  Application for Certificate of Eligibility mailed to Japan
Aug 19:  Application received in Mito, Japan
Aug 23:  Application submitted to immigration office
Nov 7:  Certificate of Eligibility received in Mito, Japan!!!!
(89 days)

Last night at 8:00 everyone had finally gotten home from work and running errands and were sitting down to dinner.  I was helping get dishes, drinks, and condiments ready to go when I noticed I had missed a call from an +81 number, but had no voicemail.  For those unaware with international calling, each country is assigned a country code to direct the calls (the US is +1, hence the 1-800 numbers).  Japan's country code is +81.  My first thought was that maybe my boyfriend (who is currently in Japan) had tried to call me, but this was odd because we usually talk online as it is much cheaper.  I messaged him and reached him as soon as I could to find out if he had called me, which he hadn't.  I called the number back right away.  Sure enough, it was the school that I will be working for in Japan.  He told me that they had received my paperwork (which would have come last week but it got lost in the mail).  They are sending it to me and I should have it in a week!!!!!  I still have to send for my visa, but I anticipate leaving for Japan shortly after Thanksgiving!

Thank you for your prayers.  Many of you have told me that you have been praying for me and I can't tell you how much it means to me.  God is good, and our prayers have been answered.  With this timing, I will be home for Thanksgiving and see all of my family together before I leave.  What a wonderful celebration of things to be thankful for and a reunion of family!

I finally uploaded pictures, so here are a few of the things I have been up to in my time at home.

Heather and I with two of Daisy's nine puppies

Me, Kellie, and the Nolan kids at Old Settler's Days

One of the two loads of 700 bales of hay I helped unload

Brandon's 18th birthday breakfast

Beautiful sunset at home

Fishing at Roaring River State Park

Alex and Krista Swainsbury's wedding

Sara Bareilles

Shopping with Megan on a Thursday date :)

Halloween Party with Bob and Pam
The Band Perry

Reba concert!

Hope you've enjoyed the pictures!  I will let you know when my Certificate comes in the mail.  Thank you again for your prayers, and I look forward to sharing more good news soon!