Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I have a ticket.  A real, live, no-turning-back-now ticket.  I will be leaving the morning of Monday, November 28 and arriving in Tokyo the next afternoon.  I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!  Booking my flight was so surreal.. I have planned to go for so long, thought about it, worked towards it, but now..  Now it's REAL.  I have a flight number!  Whoa!!!

To get to this point, I had to worry about a criminal record that doesn't exist, the US postal service (the least helpful service thus far), and the Chicago Consulate of Japan.  It's been an eventful and frustrating past few days, but it has all come together and I HAVE A TICKET!!!!

I was also contacted about my apartment and given the choice of two - a Teeny apartment, and a Really Teeny apartment.  The the one a chose was no longer available, so I was offered a Really Small apartment instead.  I believe I will officially be living in the Really Small apartment.  Luckily, my employer will buy me a Japanese futon (mat bed) (with my money) so I'll have a place to sleep when I get there!  How thoughtful.  More on the apartment and other details later.  All that matters now is



  1. Congratulations Cassie Sue!!!! So happy for you. We will keep you in our prayers. NOW....Go do GODS work:)

  2. Congratulations Cassie. You have worked very hard to achieve this and we know you will do well. Hope all goes well and the Japanese will appreciate what you have to offer them. God be with you on your journey and we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.