Thursday, December 1, 2011

First Days in Japan

Konnichiwa!!  Watashi wa chou genki deshou!
Hello!  I am very good!!

I'm finally in Japan!!!!!!!!  Thank you for all the prayers, support, and well-wishes you have offered me over the past several months.  After much prayer, frustration, and lessons in patience it has finally come to pass.  My flights were all on time, all of my bags arrived, and the customs went relatively smoothly.

A gorgeous view as we approached the Seattle airport

All set and ready to go for the Tokyo flight!

The menu for the flight.  I had two meals and a snack

The first meal: shrimp, salad, stewed beef and fried rice, bread, and a brownie 

I was met at the airport by Jared, Yuuki, and Noriko, my little sisters in Pi when they visited OC.  It was so great to see them again!!!!  Afterwards, we went to a conveyor belt sushi restaurant for dinner.  I wasn't very hungry, but it was so good and a great welcome to Japan!

Yuuuuuuki and Norikokokoko!

Jared and me

On Wednesday, I had a very Japanese breakfast of biscuits and gravy, and then Jared and I left for Ibaraki Christian College.  The trip to the college took about an hour, consisting of a ten minute walk, two trains, and another ten minute walk.  We attended their chapel and ate curry afterwards.  I saw a few students I already knew and met some of Jared's students as well.  It was so incredible to be back where I had been three years ago.  I can't wait to continue getting to know the students better.  That afternoon we walked to the beach.  It's really amazing to be so close to the beach (even if it was really cold and the water rough).  Although where I will be isn't so close to the beach, I still hope to visit the ocean from time to time.

Waiting for the train to IC

Yummy curry

Arriving at the beach
Wednesday evening we met up with Jared's friend Allen and his wife, Laura.  Allen took us to an Indian food restaurant where we had.. more curry!  Indian curry is different from Japanese curry though, and I really enjoyed the food and fellowship.  After dinner we went to Allen and Laura's apartment and had tea and watched part of the movie The End of the Spear.  We weren't able to finish it, but we plan on having an encore soon.

Allen's North Face and Jared's South Butt
After dinner and the movie we went to Tomobe church (where Jared is a missionary) to meet a few of the students who were finishing class.  They were very excited to meet me.  So many people have been thinking and praying about me for so long.  It's incredible to me to hear of friends in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Indiana, and Japan who have all been thinking of me.  Leave it to God to bring all of us together!

Today I went to meet up with my contact at the school where I will be working.  We didn't go through a lot of contractual details, but he took me to see my apartment and I was so surprised!  Last week he gave me the option of three different apartments and I chose the largest of the three.  I'm very glad, because the apartment is new, relatively large, and high-tech.  It is about a 15 minute walk from the train station, near a grocery store, several restaurants, and other convenience stores.  The neighborhood seems nice as well.  Here's an overview of the apartment and I'll write more in detail about it soon!

Apartment building
Close up of the door and intercom system
The view when you first walk in.  The shower and bath are to the left, the stairs behind the first wall, and the bedroom straight ahead.


Techy toilet 
Shower room
TEASER:  Stay tuned for fun facts about this room!

I will meet with my employer again on Saturday to go over the contract and other details, and then start work on Monday.

After leaving the apartment, we went to Tomobe church where Jared had two classes.  The first was supposed to be two elementary students, but only one was able to come.  We studied english with her, focusing primarily on spelling, vocabulary, and word usage.  The second class was with a high school student who wants to be a preacher and hopes to attend OC next year to study ministry.  I helped him with an essay about why he wants to be a minister and the impact he hopes to make in Japan.  It was really nice to be able to meet him.

Tomorrow I will attend several classes with Jared, and then meet again with my employer on Saturday. I'll update when I can.  Hope all is well with you at home.  Feel free to comment or email me with any questions or anything else!  Thanks again for your prayers and support!

じゃねじゃね! (bye!!!)


  1. It's 9:58am Thursday in KS! I'm really missing you- but I know you are so happy! Kisses and love!

  2. This is so exciting!!!! Wow Cassie you're living in JAPAN!!! Glad to hear everything is going smoothly so far! Oh yeah and fb me your address when you can :)