Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lessons in God's Timing

In my last post I detailed the process my application had to go through in order to receive my COE and Visa.  I was waiting for my COE to come.

I'm still waiting.

God has definitely decided it is time to teach me a lesson in patience.  I was told that it would take 3-4 weeks for my COE to be issued.  This is the middle of the fifth week.  Today is the day I expected to arrive in Tokyo.  I was supposed to start working at the beginning of next week.  Obviously that isn't going to happen.

Every day (okay, every five minutes) I anxiously check my email hoping for confirmation that it has been issued.  With each new email my heart surges, with each new email (including a cruel one from Southwest Airlines entitled You Could be Leaving on a Jet-Plane) my heart falls. 

I was able to speak with my contact at the school I will be working for and he reassured me that they are checking the mail each day.  He emphasized that nothing was wrong with my application and that the bureaucracy is just taking it's time.  No, it won't be rejected.  Yes, it's okay if I have to come later than my intended October 1st start date.  Yes, they will let me know as soon as they hear anything.  No, there's nothing else I can do.


So I wait.  And I pray.  I trust that there is a reason God is keeping me in the States for longer.  He has never let me down and He never will.  He knows better than I do what I need to do here; why I can't be there.  I am working hard to remember that.

God is definitely giving me a lesson in patience.

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  1. Ah Cassie, I see we are on the same journey -- you to Japan, me to Italy. I have found out that his trip the Lord is going to teach me sooo many things about living in moment each day, totally depending on him minute by minute, day by day, accepting the things that come trusting that it is God's plan for the very best for me even if it doesn't look like it from my view point! I suggest you keep a diary of your prayers and private thoughts. Already I look back at what I wrote in May and see how many prayers the Lord has answered! What a powerful encouragement that is!